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I live in France where I work as a freelance in software development. I support every project but especially astronomic and mathematic ones.


Windows app for Symmetric Prime Tuples
An application for Windows was recently enabled to search for Symmetric Prime Tuples!
I submitted a bunch of new tasks for this application, which already yelded a interesting soution. Application for linux is also available, but that is old news.
I promise there will be subproject badges, but I won't say when.
4 Nov 2019, 15:52:25 UTC · Discuss

Symmetric Prime Tuples test
After multiple closed tests, I am happy to announce new Subproject!
The search for Symmetric Prime Tuples is a continuation of deceased project Stop@home.
The application is now available as beta for Linux and will be available for windows tomorrow.

Please report any issues here.
18 Oct 2019, 20:14:07 UTC · Discuss

Sorry for the downtime. Compiling mysql took longer than anticipated.
Not only that, But I also messed up the server so it took some time to recover.
And even more issues caused unavailability till I could get physical access.
Note: the even is now over.
19 Sep 2019, 7:37:06 UTC · Discuss

PADLS TOTAL rule 51 experiment results
Over three months, more than 700,000 unique CFs ODLS were found in the project, including 5 rare groups of ODLS pairs (three and four)


Grand congratulations!

Many thanks to all the project participants!
16 Sep 2019, 19:15:29 UTC · Discuss

This project has badges now!
They are based on total credit, but I did not want to be usual, so I choose thematic thresholds.

Lv. 8) Over 6204 credits.
Lv. 9)     37224
Lv.10)    197600
Lv.11)    785997
Lv.12)   2629687
Lv.13)   6873318
Lv.15)  16350666
Lv.17)  84584914

The "numbers" are number of SNDLS on the corresponding level of rule 51. The badges are assigned to Users and Teams alike and next level badge replaces the previous level.
Also the credit gain has been increased about 30% up.
5 Sep 2019, 22:20:58 UTC · Discuss

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