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What is T.Brada Experimental Grid?

This project servers as a development system for the project administrator. Read more about what computation is performed here in the forum.

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An ordinary man who created one of the best BOINC teams in the country :)


Distributed computing is running
Hello all!

The new BOINC project SPT has not been launched yet.

But distributed computing is running.
See topic

Please join the calculations!

For contact
18 May 2023, 8:34:49 UTC · Discuss

Projects, projects, projects...
Dear friends!

1. BOINC projects are active

You can support these projects with your participation.

2. The Hugo van der Sanden project is about to be launched.
It will be launched in the Gerasim@home BOINC project.
Follow the topic

3. My colleague is preparing to launch the BOINC project "Symmetric Prime Tuples".

4. The "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project is now in manual mode.
Manual mode of the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project

You can take part in this project!

Please write me your questions and suggestions
25 Dec 2022, 6:35:41 UTC · Discuss

Time to say goodbye
Dear Crunchers of this project. Let me wish you merry christmas and happy winter solstice. It weights my hearth to write this message, but things had come to a point where it is better to end things, rather than endlessly drag them out to no end. Since the summer, I have been hopelessly stomped by a stream of activity, both happy and necessary. It turned out to be impossible to care about this project. Even thought it almost runs itself, even thought I'm thinking right now "gosh, it really should be possible to find a hour or two each month".
It is time to announce that this project will no longer provide any compute jobs. I will, of course, keep the site running, but since there is no work, no new users can get enough points to post, the forums will effectively be dead.

Best regards, Veronika.
24 Dec 2022, 9:55:47 UTC · Discuss

Summer restart 2022
Hello! I hope you are having a good time. Between 20. and 24. Jun will be my thesis defense and then I will be taking over the project.
13 Jul 2022, 8:13:22 UTC · Discuss

Manual mode of the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project
Dear participants!

Since the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" subproject has long been stopped in TBEG and nothing is known about the future, I restored the manual mode of the SPT project.

See also topic

I invite everyone to take part in the SPT manual project!

Please send me a PM.
11 Mar 2022, 3:01:49 UTC · Discuss

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