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Manual mode of the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project
Dear participants!

Since the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" subproject has long been stopped in TBEG and nothing is known about the future, I restored the manual mode of the SPT project.

See also topic

I invite everyone to take part in the SPT manual project!

Please send me a PM.
11 Mar 2022, 3:01:49 UTC · Discuss

Vanity badges
Intriguing idea: let users select their own badges. Thus it happened. You can, with enough credits, pick some extra badges in your community preferences.
27 Sep 2021, 20:36:56 UTC · Discuss

Good luck for this school year
Hello. I wish all students good luck and fair grades for this school year. Thanks for crunching my SPT batches. All your findings are automatically published in our Prime Tupes db (under the project menu).
24 Sep 2021, 20:13:08 UTC · Discuss

ETA to resume the project
I promise the project will resume sending spt work at end of June 2021.

Happy Spring! Today is the birthday of Jaroslav Hašek [|Hashek|].
30 Apr 2021, 18:46:52 UTC · Discuss

Prime Tuples Badges
New badges for the SPT sub-project! The Prime Tuples subproject fully covered the missing range from Stop@Home and also scanned for new kind of tuples (tpt, stpt, gaps) up to the same range. As a Thank You to all contributors, I present you four new badges. The badges are awarded based on credit earned on the SPT app (ids 10,11), not RAC and the credit level have been chosen based on current credit distribution. The results of the project are slowly being submitted to OEIS. If you do not have a badge, do not worry, there will be more tasks, searching for rarer and longer sequences.

19 Jun 2020, 20:25:48 UTC · Discuss

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