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Message 4179 - Posted: 12 Jul 2020, 17:25:39 UTC - in response to Message 4178.  
Last modified: 12 Jul 2020, 17:28:57 UTC

Dear Sergey.
Thank you very much for suggesting to use <coproc> as a filter for hosts, where build environment is set up. This will be very useful.
The current batch fulfilled both of it's purposes: get machine feedback for the framework, and also find the canonical forms.
In production, there will be a page describing how to set up the host and also description of common errors.
Also in the next batch, the boinc_api will be built, if not found installed on the host.
If you are interested in testing more, all sources are on my repo, have a look and ask questions if needed. It's easier to test outside of boinc client.
Yes, there will be app for windows, ideally Win32. Where MSYS/MinGW would be the preferred environment. But not required, thanks to user override files.
I do not want to submit any more tasks without the user override support in place.
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