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Symmetric Prime Tuples description

Symmetric Prime Tuples description

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Message 3673 - Posted: 18 Oct 2019, 19:56:20 UTC
Last modified: 10 Jul 2021, 21:44:10 UTC

Sub-project Symmetric Prime Tuples.

The search for Symmetric Prime Tuples is a continuation of deceased project Stop@home. We are searching for Symmetric k-Tuples of consecutive Primes, which are defined on the linked page, also there a article about prime k-tuples in general.

The search has been extended to twin prime tuples, symmetric twin prime tuples and prime tuple gaps. The search interval was extended as well.


If you have any issue, do not hesitate to create a new thread in Help and new Issues section. You can also continue discussion in any related thread. But if you are not sure, start a new thread, it is easier for me to deal with.


The program is using implementation of Sieve of Eratosthenes by Kim Walisch and inspired by program by Белышев. Detection of the tuples is done using naive palindrome matching over a circular buffer.
The sieve may actually be vectorized. The palindrome matching isn't. Both are integer and bit operations, no floats. This means CPU running this task will run cooler compared to cpu running for example LLR.
Workunits have fixed size. While there is some support for variable-sized wus, it's not used in this subproject.


Credit is assigned by validator/assimilator program based on size of interval by the application.


There are multiple batches, prefixed with "spt-" on the server_status page.


Results are available immediately in our Prime Tuple database.

Out of data/todo: Our OEIS Sequences page (in the links column). And also sorted by batch on this page in common textual format. You can change the batch number in the url to view other batches.

The big number in front of the colon is the main prime and the smaller numbers are the tuple coefficients (the main prime plus any of the coefficients is also prime). Number k says how big is the tuple.

About Stop@Home at Progger's site
Development Thread

Source Code.

There are badges based on credit earned per app.
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Message boards : Information : Symmetric Prime Tuples description

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