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1) Message boards : Closed Issues : 1269 Available WU but none D/L (Message 4223)
Posted 3 Aug 2020 by Profile Henk Haneveld
There used to be a Windows application for PADLS. Why is this gone?
2) Message boards : News : PADLS batch 10 complete (Message 3097)
Posted 23 Feb 2019 by Profile Henk Haneveld
I noticed that too many tasks are being assigned to slower computers. For this reason, I will be decreasing the deadline for next batch. It would be nice if I could tell the server to extend deadline for tasks that are actively running and reschedule tasks that are sitting deep in queues of busy computers.

I picked this up from the SRbase project forum. The message was from the admin.

I have added
to the server config. This means if a result is over the deadline it has 48h more time to report before a new replication is created and sending out.

The Primegrid also uses something like this, so there must be a server setting present.

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