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Posted 9 Sep 2019 by Profile Michael Goetz
Ok, I'm new here, but I'm more than a little familiar with how BOINC credit works (or doesn't).

Data point: I'm running on just the full cores (no hyperthreading) on a 1st gen Core i3.

It's actually a little faster, but let's call it a 2 GHz CPU. According to WUProp, I have about 48 core-hours done on this CPU. Let's call that 2 days.

On a modern CPU, it's not unreasonable for a typical application to get 1 FLOP per clock cycle. The definition of BOINC credit ("cobblestones") is:

"1/200 day of CPU time on a reference computer that does 1,000 MFLOPS based on the Whetstone benchmark"


A 1-GFLOP computer should earn 200 credits per day. This 2-GFLOP computer, running for two days, should have earned 4*200=800 credits. In fact, It earned. 546 credits. That's about 32% lower than the BOINC standard. If you recently increased the credits, then they were substantially below standard before the increase.

All of these tasks were run on September 8th and 9th. Even though the run times for the all the tasks were similar, most of the tasks were 38 credits and two were 79 credits. If all of the tasks were 79 credits, it would total 869, which is pretty close to the correct value. (800 is a nice round number, but the computer's actually a bit faster, so 869 is pretty close to correct.) If all the tasks were 38 credits, it would total 418 -- about half of what it should be.

For what it's worth, some projects (like PrimeGrid) give out more credit because their apps are highly optimized and compute more than 1 FLOP per clock cycle. With the right CPUs, some of our apps can execute up to 16 FLOPS per clock cycle by using AVX-512 and FMA3 instructions. So, of course, the credit per hour is correspondingly higher. But for a normal app, it's fair to assume one FLOP per clock cycle.

Setting credit fairly in a BOINC project is a tough, almost impossible, and definitely thankless task. Hopefully you'll find the data provided above to be helpful
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Posted 26 Feb 2019 by Profile Michael Goetz
no. I need location in config file where to enable it.

It's not a config file.

The menu is *probably* in html/inc/ in a function called sample_navbar(), unless you renamed it to something else.

That's the function that defines each menu item.

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