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Posts by Mumps [MM]

Posts by Mumps [MM]

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Posted 4 Jul 2019 by Mumps [MM]
Why thank you! Just another subset of ODLS work. :)

Here, ODLK, ODLK1, Gerasim, Rakesearch... Seems like a lot of BOINC projects are hunting various ODLK subsets these days. Almost as many as are hunting Prime numbers. :)
2) Message boards : News : Linux application for PADLS Rule 38 (Message 3196)
Posted 2 Mar 2019 by Mumps [MM]
According to the Project, I have 766 WU's In Progress. As of 6 hours ago I had 0 WU's on my hosts, and that was the case for almost 12 hours. It looks like most of those WU's should come up for resends in about another 3 hours. I checked on one host and the sample WU's I researched don't show up as ever having made it to the host, so there must have been some problem with the original Downloads.
I do see that 2 of my hosts have gotten about 100 fresh resends recently though, so hopefully the queue will get everything through fine soon.

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