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We ask for help!
Two colleagues are trying to restore the SPT project that was stopped here

They use code by Tomáš Brada

However, this code has not been able to run yet.

Tomáš Brada
You can help!
The stopped project should work!

Colleagues need a copy of a working client program.

I also appeal to everyone who has experience in starting a BOINC project.
Help us please!

For contact

23 Jun 2023, 2:30:02 UTC · Discuss

Distributed computing is running
Hello all!

The new BOINC project SPT has not been launched yet.

But distributed computing is running.
See topic

Please join the calculations!

For contact
18 May 2023, 8:34:49 UTC · Discuss

Projects, projects, projects...
Dear friends!

1. BOINC projects are active

You can support these projects with your participation.

2. The Hugo van der Sanden project is about to be launched.
It will be launched in the Gerasim@home BOINC project.
Follow the topic

3. My colleague is preparing to launch the BOINC project "Symmetric Prime Tuples".

4. The "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project is now in manual mode.
Manual mode of the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project

You can take part in this project!

Please write me your questions and suggestions
25 Dec 2022, 6:35:41 UTC · Discuss

Time to say goodbye
Dear Crunchers of this project. Let me wish you merry christmas and happy winter solstice. It weights my hearth to write this message, but things had come to a point where it is better to end things, rather than endlessly drag them out to no end. Since the summer, I have been hopelessly stomped by a stream of activity, both happy and necessary. It turned out to be impossible to care about this project. Even thought it almost runs itself, even thought I'm thinking right now "gosh, it really should be possible to find a hour or two each month".
It is time to announce that this project will no longer provide any compute jobs. I will, of course, keep the site running, but since there is no work, no new users can get enough points to post, the forums will effectively be dead.

Best regards, Veronika.
24 Dec 2022, 9:55:47 UTC · Discuss

Summer restart 2022
Hello! I hope you are having a good time. Between 20. and 24. Jun will be my thesis defense and then I will be taking over the project.
13 Jul 2022, 8:13:22 UTC · Discuss

Manual mode of the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" project
Dear participants!

Since the "Symmetric Prime Tuples" subproject has long been stopped in TBEG and nothing is known about the future, I restored the manual mode of the SPT project.

See also topic

I invite everyone to take part in the SPT manual project!

Please send me a PM.
11 Mar 2022, 3:01:49 UTC · Discuss

Vanity badges
Intriguing idea: let users select their own badges. Thus it happened. You can, with enough credits, pick some extra badges in your community preferences.
27 Sep 2021, 20:36:56 UTC · Discuss

Good luck for this school year
Hello. I wish all students good luck and fair grades for this school year. Thanks for crunching my SPT batches. All your findings are automatically published in our Prime Tupes db (under the project menu).
24 Sep 2021, 20:13:08 UTC · Discuss

ETA to resume the project
I promise the project will resume sending spt work at end of June 2021.

Happy Spring! Today is the birthday of Jaroslav Hašek [|Hashek|].
30 Apr 2021, 18:46:52 UTC · Discuss

Prime Tuples Badges
New badges for the SPT sub-project! The Prime Tuples subproject fully covered the missing range from Stop@Home and also scanned for new kind of tuples (tpt, stpt, gaps) up to the same range. As a Thank You to all contributors, I present you four new badges. The badges are awarded based on credit earned on the SPT app (ids 10,11), not RAC and the credit level have been chosen based on current credit distribution. The results of the project are slowly being submitted to OEIS. If you do not have a badge, do not worry, there will be more tasks, searching for rarer and longer sequences.

19 Jun 2020, 20:25:48 UTC · Discuss

Plan for SPT subproject
For processing of SPT results I found a partner that will help me write a export script to OEIS, and he is working... And while he is working I forgot a bit that I have a project, sorry. I was excited to have my name in OEIS, but it is not yet ready and the excitement is fading.
The previous batch, using the new file upload handler ran out, and it is much smoother. I submitted new batch 70 that goes up to 5e17. See, this new SSD and FUH allows me to have larger batches. And after that, I will submit batch for 5e17-6e17. You might notice that we already did that range, but that was with old version, which only looked for symmetric prime tuples and was slower.
Regarding the padls total (tot5) subproject, it is still running, but I throttled it to only few active tasks to not waste power. There are some ideas to improve it.
However, I am working on the Lua / compile-on-target application.
Have a Great day everybody and stop pretending and blocking yourself.
24 Apr 2020, 21:17:15 UTC · Discuss

CoVid19 Reduction in tot5 compute work
Because of the global situation, I am disabling distribution of new PADLS tot5 workunits in an attempt to divert the compute attention to Folding@Home.
Happy spring Equinox!
15 Mar 2020, 17:52:05 UTC · Discuss

Database Crash and Recovery
03.03.2020: Somewhere around 20.02.2020 another database crash occurred. This time we did not loose any data (all was backed up). After a disk swap, most of the functionality has been restored. I am still slowly working on restoring the science result database and work generator.

30.01.2020: Unfortunately, the database here suffered a corruption and crashed. Fortunately, the backup was less than 24 hours old, so we did not loose much. I am attempting to recover recent results that are lost in database from uploaded files. While this process is running, scheduler will be disabled and you may see strange numbers in the server status page. After that process is complete, you will have time to upload results in progress. The results that are definitely lost will be resent.
No other results were lost.
30 Jan 2020, 10:05:12 UTC · Discuss

Windows app for Symmetric Prime Tuples
An application for Windows was recently enabled to search for Symmetric Prime Tuples!
I submitted a bunch of new tasks for this application, which already yelded a interesting soution. Application for linux is also available, but that is old news.
I promise there will be subproject badges, but I won't say when.
4 Nov 2019, 15:52:25 UTC · Discuss

Symmetric Prime Tuples test
After multiple closed tests, I am happy to announce new Subproject!
The search for Symmetric Prime Tuples is a continuation of deceased project Stop@home.
The application is now available as beta for Linux and will be available for windows tomorrow.

Please report any issues here.
18 Oct 2019, 20:14:07 UTC · Discuss

PADLS TOTAL rule 51 experiment results
Over three months, more than 700,000 unique CFs ODLS were found in the project, including 5 rare groups of ODLS pairs (three and four)


Grand congratulations!

Many thanks to all the project participants!
16 Sep 2019, 19:15:29 UTC · Discuss

This project has badges now!
They are based on total credit, but I did not want to be usual, so I choose thematic thresholds.

Lv. 8) Over 6204 credits.
Lv. 9)     37224
Lv.10)    197600
Lv.11)    785997
Lv.12)   2629687
Lv.13)   6873318
Lv.15)  16350666
Lv.17)  84584914

The "numbers" are number of SNDLS on the corresponding level of rule 51. The badges are assigned to Users and Teams alike and next level badge replaces the previous level.
Also the credit gain has been increased about 30% up.
5 Sep 2019, 22:20:58 UTC · Discuss

Padls Total subproject running fine
Better late than never. The PADLS Total experiment described in this thread is running fine on this server and is producing good results.

More details in Subproject Description.

A effort was initiated to install the subproject over at Ice00's server server.
25 Jul 2019, 8:37:19 UTC · Discuss

Testing Padls Total
Experiment with name Padls Total now entered testing phase.
A new application was developed for this project which is currently available as a beta for Linux. This application finally supports checkpoints. Please, decide if you really want to participate in the beta work. The work generator is also being tested, so there are many tasks available and if you have beta work enabled, you may get way too much.

If you enable beta applications, be prepared to have:
* tasks suddenly aborted by server
* your completed tasks not validated for weeks
* no credit assigned for weeks
* tasks crash or get stuck running
* no apps for our favorite platform
* strict deadlines
* wrong run-time estimate

This is batch 15, 21 and 22 on the server_status page.

Another remark: it is not necessary to run the beta work continuously. Run it for a while and then disable it. Leave some to me to test. Credit allocation, windows application, automated result publication and deadline adjustments will all be done before the application leaves beta mode.

The server might not be available all the time as I am trying different storage solution.

Programming talk and development updates are in this thread.
18 Jun 2019, 21:01:09 UTC · Discuss

PADLS TBtest batch 14
Happy May!
I created new program and I want to test a idea that ODLS can be found directly in the output of the generators without first permuting them. This program checks dls about 40 times faster, but not as thoroughly. The same space is checked as batch 10, 12 and 13. Additionally the maximum number of diagonal transversals is recorded.
The workunit name is as follows:
padls4_a61923754 - application name
padls4_a61923754 - application compatibility version
padls4_a61923754 - generator version (a or b)
padls4_a61923754 - 8 numbers forming a input row for the padls generators

Credit will not be awarded during validation, but later during assimilation of the batch. Credit will be granted based on the number of Latin squares checked. If you do not agree with the experiment, the credit or the fact that your data is stored on my SD-Card, then please do not participate.
14 May 2019, 15:12:22 UTC · Discuss

Project Future
I was asked about the project future. You can read about plans in this thread.

Any, If at all, continuation of this project will not happen before summer.

Makarova has more computation available with her experiments. We could run those.

DesA has some interesting fluid simulation ideas. I wrote him what properties should the boinc apps exhibit to run comfortably. We will see what he prepares until then. He has some other ides, not only the simulation, more computational or even neural-networkey.

Next is a Gridcoin microgrid. It is an ambition to provide various levels of commercial boinc hosting and support. Development of boinc apps is part of the ambitions. Customers would give us their non-boinc programs and problem-space and we will make it run on boinc. Non-profit "customers" can be backed by the gridcoin whitelist. This server will be the testbed for this initiative.

There are some improvement to the boinc codebase that I want to make, and this server will be the testbed. For example torrent or ipfs asset distribution that would ease up the load on boinc file-server. And making the BOINC API easier to use (proper library, out-of-tree builds, docs).

Next is a CPU fuzzer. It's goal is to discover what undocumented instructions are available in the various processors owned by crunchers.

I would like to explore possibility of building and CI of software on the boinc clients. Including distributing the boinc apps themselves in source form, to be compiled on the crunchers' computer. In linux, programs were meant to be compiled on the target computer since ever, so why fight with static linking and binary incompatibility?

Another inspiration is PlanetLab non-boinc project. I would like to use boinc to quicly deploy experimental P2P software, see how well it forms a p2p network in close to real world controlled scenario and undeploy it equally easily.

Hentai@Home is a interesting project, because it is unlike many, storage and bandwidth intensive instead of computation. I realize that home networks are not optimized for heavy uploads.

As you see thre are many ideas. Probably I will choose two in the summer. And of course, nothing will happen without consent of the crunchers.
26 Mar 2019, 13:45:16 UTC · Discuss

PADLS batch 13 complete
Last result from third batch of rows was completed today. The results were collected and sent for processing. 1804 CF ODLS were found.

623+771 cf odls added to project database.
465 unique cf odls added to master database:
count[1]: 456
count[2]: 9

In this batch, there were high numbers of duplicate:
60436 duplicate within the result file
1181 duplicate against the project database
929 duplicate against the master database.

Number 10 was found, but not unique (1h9VXz9ciEGw1LSrZS2cWivFY).

There were at most 47 cf odls per row.

Tasks in this batch were assigned credit bu the new assimilator.

Copyright: Natalia Makarova, Tomáš Brada. Attribution to Natalia Makarova is required for any derivative work.
4 Mar 2019, 10:26:00 UTC · Discuss

Linux application for PADLS Rule 38
After successful testing the new application, this time built for Linux, I loaded Rows_PADLS_rule38 as batch 13. Windows build will come eventually.


Credit will not be awarded during validation, but later during assimilation of the batch. Credit will be granted based on the number of Latin squares checked.
25 Feb 2019, 21:40:18 UTC · Discuss

PADLS batch 12 complete
Last result from second batch of rows was completed today. The results were collected and sent for processing. After examining the results, new tasks will be created. 18410 CF ODLS were found.

2900+3135 cf odls added to project database.
5055 unique cf odls added to master database:
count[1]: 5020
count[2]: 35

That 7-ka was found by Ralfy. User Ralfy also processed row with the most (252) cf odls.

Some tasks in this batch were assigned credit bu the new assimilator. The assigned credit seems little higher on average than default credit, but it is much more accurate.

Copyright: Natalia Makarova, Tomáš Brada. Attribution to Natalia Makarova is required for any derivative work.
24 Feb 2019, 15:19:33 UTC · Discuss

PADLS batch 10 complete
Last result from first batch of 1000 rows was completed today. The results were collected and sent for processing. After examining the results, new tasks will be created. 12665 CF ODLS were found. Post processing will likely reveal more.

Average number of ODLSs per row was 20.6. But users fzs600, Ralfy, DoctorNow and XAVER processed rows with 145, 237 and 245 odls.

Today I tested a new (first) assimilator for results. This assimilator has, besides from assimilating, new credit awarding algorithm. Credit for completed tasks stays the same, but from today on, credit will not be awarded during validation, but later during assimilation of the batch. Credit will be granted based on the number of Latin squares checked.

You could already have noticed that I added a batch summary in the server status page.

I noticed that too many tasks are being assigned to slower computers. For this reason, I will be decreasing the deadline for next batch. It would be nice if I could tell the server to extend deadline for tasks that are actively running and reschedule tasks that are sitting deep in queues of busy computers.

Copyright: Natalia Makarova, Tomáš Brada. Attribution to Natalia Makarova is required for any derivative work.
22 Feb 2019, 14:24:06 UTC · Discuss

Pseudo Associative Diagonal Latin Squares experiment
New application:

Please use mainly the liked thread to discuss the results and science. While the results are backed up safely, the forum is not.
8 Feb 2019, 9:24:21 UTC · Discuss

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